Over the past half century, College of the Atlantic has gained an international reputation as an innovative leader in higher education. Our distinctive approach to teaching and learning fosters critical and creative thinkers, passionate leaders, and experienced problem solvers. In fact, COA graduates are making a difference across the globe, tackling the most complex social and ecological challenges of the 21st century.

We are proud of what we have accomplished, but there is much more to which we aspire. Recently, COA’s board of trustees, faculty, staff, and students adopted a strategic plan that sets a course for COA’s next half century and seeks to broaden our reach.

COA is undertaking the most ambitious fundraising effort in our history. The Broad Reach campaign will raise $50 million and make COA the preeminent institution for educating environmental leaders, the intellectual, ecological, and cultural hub for helping steward the future of Mount Desert Island, and the model of an ecologically minded education in these critical times. Investments in our people, program, and campus will make this possible. Read more from President Darron Collins.

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Campaign Priorities at a Glance

Student Scholarships                  $8,000,000
Endowed Faculty Chairs             $7,500,000
Visiting Fellows Program           $1,000,000

Writing for the Future                $1,000,000
Working on the Water                $1,000,000

New Student Residences           $5,000,000
Fossil Fuel Free Campus             $3,500,000
North Campus Reimagined      $22,000,000

Cost of Campaign*                      $1,000,000

TOTAL:                                       $50,000,000

Raised to Date:                          $49,700,000

*COA trustees have covered estimated campaign costs with their own gifts, to ensure each dollar raised from others will go to the priorities listed above.

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