College of the Atlantic launched the Broad Reach capital campaign in October 2017. Using our strategic plan as a guide, the campaign would help us address our most critical needs, including: campus infrastructure, scholarships, student housing, endowed faculty chairs, the waterfront program, and the new writing program. We set a goal to raise $50M in four years—our most ambitious campaign in the history of the college. With enthusiastic support from hundreds of our friends, we raised over $55M in three years’ time! 

For details on accomplishments and updates for each campaign priority, please select the priority below, or at right.

Campaign Priorities at a Glance

Student Scholarships                  $8,000,000
Endowed Faculty Chairs             $7,500,000
Visiting Fellows Program           $1,000,000

Writing for the Future                $1,000,000
Working on the Water                $1,000,000

New Student Residences           $5,000,000
Fossil Fuel Free Campus             $3,500,000
North Campus Reimagined      $22,000,000

Cost of Campaign*                      $1,000,000

TOTAL:                                       $50,000,000

Raised to Date:                       $55,161,295

**The additional money raised over the $50M goal will go towards the student residences priority.  The costs associated with this priority were initially underestimated, therefore additional funds were raised to meet the goal of providing housing for 75% of students.

*Estimated campaign costs have been paid for by generous gifts from COA trustees, to ensure that each dollar raised from others will go to the priorities listed above.

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College of the Atlantic is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (tax ID#23-7032625). Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.