College of the Atlantic is dedicated to continually offering educational opportunities in consent, healthy relationships, laws and policy, the root causes of violence, as well as what all members of the community can do to prevent harm from occurring.

Understand what our campus culture of sexual and relationship respect means by exploring COA’s Sexual Misconduct Policy (PDF), which includes sexual or gender-based harassment, sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Also prohibited are relationship violence, stalking and retaliation. Every member of the COA community is urged and expected to read this policy for full definitions and prohibited behaviors. You are also encouraged to read COA’s Policy for Addressing Formal Complaints Under the Title IX Regulations (PDF).

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Affirmative consent is one of the most important tools in the prevention of sexual misconduct. But what does consent look like? Learn more here.

Navigating relationships

What are the signs of healthy and abusive relationships? How do I end an unhealthy relationship or help to support a friend? Learn more here


What is considered stalking and how can I best respond to it? Learn more here

Preventing harm

How can I intervene in a potentially harmful situation, while also keeping myself safe? Learn more here.

Training for community members

On-campus trainings are offered to develop and broaden our community member’s knowledge in topics connected with sexual and relationship abuse and violence. Learn more here.

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