16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg made a second visit to the UN climate COP25 held in Madrid, on a day that focuses on “sustainable finance.”

After a brief speech, she gave the floor to the other young climate activists from different parts of the world. “Their stories must be heard,” she said. Thunberg explained that the purpose of the event was to create a platform “to share the stories that needed to be shared.”

Ángela Valenzuela ’17Ángela Valenzuela ’17The activist also mentioned the importance of listening to indigenous peoples because of their valuable knowledge about nature.

College of the Atlantic alumna Ángela Valenzuela ’17, the organizer of Fridays for Future in Santiago, Chile, was one of the climate activists who spoke at the conference.

“Over the last week of negotiations at COP, governments are discussing the wrong thing. Instead of talking about how to transition from fossil fuels, COP25 is focused on finding elaborate ways for rich industrialized countries to be able to carry on and polluting while pretending not to,” she said.

“People are already dying in the climate emergency and these communities need support. But again, it seems that some lives matter more than others. The rich and powerful seem happy to sacrifice our communities in the pursuit of profit,” Valenzuela said. “Our lives are not up for negotiation. Our planet is not for sale.”

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