Another amazing lunch at TAB. After a meal or two on campus you’ll begin to understand why COA tops the “best college food” lists again and again. We make all of our meals from scratch using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Vegetarian and vegan options abound, and the meat and seafood we serve is humanely raised and sustainably sourced. Cookies and treats are baked fresh each morning, and flavors from around the world are on a steady rotation through the menu. Spoiler alert: on savory tofu/mac & cheese night, the dinner line is out the door (and it’s worth the short wait).

“Tamarind eggplant just made one of my most stressful days feel way better! I was staring at a blank document for the longest time and when I took a bite, suddenly all the words came out and I wrote my final paper!”

- from TAB comment book






Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served Monday through Friday in the Blair Dining Hall (affectionately nicknamed “Take-A-Break” or “TAB” for short). With booths and round tables, TAB is the perfect place to meet, study, and eat.

Sea Urchin Café

For additional lunchtime dining, stop in at the Sea Urchin Café in Deering Common. It offers a selection of sandwiches, soups, individual pizzas, and smoothies. 

Meal plans

As a first-year student living on campus, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the college’s 15 meal/week plan. For all other students, meal plans include 5, 10, or 15 meals per week, and students living off campus may purchase a $110 declining balance card for use during the term. Additional declining balance cards are available for purchase in the business office.

Weekend nourishment

Wait, what happens when the dining hall closes for the weekend?
Don’t fret! Each residence includes a full kitchen equipped with cookware and a dining space. The nearest natural food store and supermarket are a 15-minute walk down the street, so it’s easy to find both fresh produce and prepared meals when planning your next dinner, potluck, or birthday party. Whether you’re new to cooking for yourself or have already developed an exquisite award-winning Maine blueberry pie, there will be plenty of opportunities to try new foods and cooking techniques. On Sunday evenings it’s common for students to prepare community meals together in their residences. And if you’re not so adept in the kitchen, you’re sure to find friends and housemates who are culinarily inclined.