COA faculty are published scholars, active artists, and engaged advocates.

Our 35 faculty members include one Guggenheim and two Fulbright fellows. Since 2013, faculty members have published six books, written/directed/produced a feature-length film, and have authored or presented dozens of peer-reviewed articles, conference presentations, performances, and installations.

Nearly all COA faculty are engaged with sustainability research.

Read more about faculty research and accomplishments:

  • NEWS
    A vision of abundant sustainability at College of the Atlantic [PUPN]
    College of the Atlantic Sharpe-McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business Jay Friedlander articulates and enacts an innovative approach to education that is both inspiring and practical.
  • NEWS
    Engaging and learning as a science fellow

    College of the Atlantic earth science professor Sarah Hall is spending a year in Washington, DC and at conferences around the US as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow with the United States Geological Survey

  • NEWS
    I have Alzheimer’s disease. This is what I need from you [Boston Globe]
    COA human rights educator Steve Wessler shares his Alzheimers diagnosis with the community and urges us to break the stigma.
  • NEWS
    Historical ecology and intertidal algae at Acadia
    College of the Atlantic students explore and update century-old research on Acadia National Park’s most miniscule inhabitants to see what new patterns might be emerging as the Maine Coast feels the effects of climate change.
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    COA filmmaker premieres new work
    I Like Tomorrow, a sci-fi comedy musical that combines live-action and animation, is the latest offering from College of the Atlantic TA Cox Chair in Studio Arts Nancy Andrews, in collaboration with Jennifer Reeder. The film premieres online at the Portland International Film Festival.