B.A. Geology, Hamilton College, 2001 Ph.D. Earth and Planetary Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2009

Before COA

Sarah joined the faculty of COA in the Fall of 2012 and teaches courses in the Earth Sciences. Most recently Sarah was an Assistant Professor at McGill University in Montreal following her graduate work at the University of California, Santa Cruz and undergraduate degree at Hamilton College. She grew up in upstate NY and after college spent a few years in Atlanta, GA working as a Geologist at an environmental consulting firm and as an ECOWATCH AmeriCorps team member.

Scholarly and Creative Interests

Sarah is trained as a geomorphologist studying the processes shaping the surface of the earth. However, her research interests are quite broad including mountain building, past glaciations, active faulting, and the erosion of landscapes. One of Sarah’s current research projects involves completing a chronology of past glaciations in a portion of the Peruvian Andes. Two local water quality projects are focused on watershed monitoring in and around Acadia National Park and a study concerning private well water characteristics.

More Information about my Courses

Courses include topics such as natural resources, climate, geologic principles, the intersection of Geology and Humanity, as well as place-based studies of MDI. Most Earth Science courses have some field component where COA students may be learning field methods (e.g. mapping, water sampling, measuring the orientation of geologic features, or describing soils), visiting diverse parts of the island and Acadia National Park to understand the overall geologic history of this region, or even designing and completed self-guided field work as in the Climate and Weather class where students produce a field guide to various meteorological phenomena. Occasionally, Sarah offers intensive field courses to regions with very different geology from Maine such as Eastern California and the Peruvian Andes.


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