Class Year


Current Hometown:

Bar Harbor, ME

Job and Employer

Data Analyst, CLEAResult


I’m currently the lead regional analyst and data engineer for CLEAResult, an international consulting firm specializing in energy efficiency programs at the utility level. I’m responsible for all of the technical systems that our program teams use to help businesses and residential customers save energy. I’m also in charge of all of our regional analytics, ranging from analyzing real-time Smart Meter Data to helping design behavioral marketing campaigns for our limited income residential programs. It’s a lot of work, but at the end of the day I can actually count the amount of kilowatt hours and dollars I’ve saved, so I get a lot of instant gratification.   

Graduate School

I plan to attend Penn State University for their online graduate degree in Applied Statistics

Senior project:

Evaluating Methods for Detecting Critical Transitions in Agent-based Models


REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) at the Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe, NM

Human ecology in action:

When you work with data and technical systems, it’s often easy to forget that the numbers you’ve been manipulating all day actually mean something beyond their numeric value—the difference between a family spending their paycheck on groceries or the electricity bill, or a business owner participating in an energy efficiency program to save money and reduce his carbon footprint. My background in human ecology constantly grounds my interests in systems and numbers in the realities of people, motivations, experiences, and outcomes.

A COA experience that was particularly significant or memorable:

OOPS [COA’s Outdoor Orientation Programs], both as a participant and as a trip leader, was a definite highlight. As an older, married, transfer student, I was a little concerned about “fitting in” to the community. All of these concerns disappeared on my first OOPS trip as I spent a week in the woods with some of the brightest and most compassionate folks I had ever met. I enjoyed the experience so much I volunteered to be an OOPS leader during my senior year, having an equally as enjoyable experience (albeit one with a lot more rain).

Considerations for prospective students:

Invest yourself fully. To really understand COA and gain all the benefits from your education there, you have to fully immerse yourself in all the opportunities and experiences available to you as a student and community member there. Don’t hold back; get involved, get dirty, and have fun.