Mount Desert Island native Joanna Fogg has always been drawn to the ocean. Growing up on the rocky coast of Maine, Jo was often found wading in tide pools and exploring the natural world. She has spent most of her life working on the water—as a lobsterman, a sailor, and a chef on private yachts. Her adventures at sea have taken her across the Atlantic, throughout the Mediterranean, and all over the West Indies. Despite her extensive travels, Jo has always considered MDI home. Jo graduated from College of the Atlantic in 2007. She is now dedicated to making her livelihood where she grew up while raising her daughter with her husband Jesse. She volunteers as a member of the Bar Harbor Marine Resource Committee and sits on the board of the Maine Aquaculture Association.

“Oysters became a natural next step for us. We needed a way to maintain our tradition of working at sea and we wanted to start a family. A sense of home is important to me and I care deeply about the well being of our waters. Oysters are known to be environmentally beneficial. If I can get up and work on the water everyday, provide a sustainable, delicious and eco-friendly product, and also ensure that there is a future for other generations to do the same–then my dreams are coming true.” -Joanna Fogg

Session date and time

07/29/2022 9:30am