In 2017 COA’s All College Meeting approved a comprehensive Discarded Resource and Material Management Policy, developed by students in the Zero Waste Club, that lays out goals and plans for 90% diversion of discarded materials campus-wide by 2025.

Our student-run recycling program reaches every floor of every building on campus, making it easy to recycle just about everything we use. Compost systems at our farms and dining services create four tons of compost a year from pre-consumer waste and six tons from post-consumer waste. Compostable plates, cups, and utensils used at special events are processed off-campus at a commercially licensed facility.

Campus waste audit


Embracing our discarded resources


Stories on waste, recycling, compost, and discarded resources at COA:

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    Three Added to Trustee Board
    College of the Atlantic is pleased to announce the appointment of three new members to the Board of Trustees.
  • NEWS
    Bottle Shock [Sierra]
    Campus sustainability crusaders navigating polluting corporate contracts would benefit from taking a look at College of the Atlantic - the nation’s most sustainable college - where corporate beverage contracts, bottled water, soda and juice machines have all been purged from campus.
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    This New York River Dumps Millions of Fabric Microfibers Into the Ocean Daily [PBS NEWSHOUR]
    Astounding amounts of plastic are pouring into the sea, according to College of the Atlantic graduate student Abigail Barrows MPhil ’18, co-author of a scientific study surveying the entire length of the Hudson River.