COA's Beech Hill Farm as seen from above. COA's Beech Hill Farm as seen from above.

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All of our farm and forest properties provide research and educational opportunities for students and faculty. At Beech Hill Farm we cultivate organic vegetables for the college’s dining hall, and we also sell our produce through an on-site farm stand, wholesale accounts, and community-supported agriculture. At the Peggy Rockefeller Farms we raise livestock including sheep, Belted Galloway cows, and chickens, for our own food supply, and have established a heritage orchard to preserve and propagate heirloom Maine apple varieties. The Cox Protectorate is a 100-acre forested preserve. 

With each of these properties we aim to steward the land in ways that contribute not only to the college, but also to our surrounding communities — through summer programs, farm stand vouchers for limited-income community members, educational workshops, community garden plots, and more.

We manage all of our properties using ecologically-sound practices and both of our farms are certified organic by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).