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Osprey is the college’s research vessel and primary transport to our two islands, Great Duck and Mount Desert Rock. She offers students an opportunity to gain real experiences, not just in the marine sciences and maritime trade, but with art, history, and culture. Through the numerous courses that use her, she is a fantastic chance for students to experience their academics from the sea looking inward. 

In 2011 her keel was laid in Surry, Maine, at the Wesmac Boatyard. Forty-six feet in length, by fifteen feet in width, and driven by an eight-hundred horse power Caterpillar, she is the best of her class! The aft deck has a small crane with plenty of room to store equipment and supplies for our research stations, and her main cabin seats up to twenty-four passengers for cold or wet trips. From local maritime history or exploring the local working waterfronts, to whale and seal watches offshore, she is safe, reliable, and built to come home!

During the spring, summer, and fall months, there are numerous opportunities for students to come out and see the coast. Several classes use Osprey for field trips, but whenever there is room and we are going for a trip, guest students are rarely turned away. 

Charter use

  • Natural History Excursions
  • Equipment Deployment and Recovery
  • Surveys
  • Island Transport