Students, faculty, and staff participate in the weekly All College Meeting.Students, faculty, and staff participate in the weekly All College Meeting.At COA, we don’t have a separate student government. Instead, our students, faculty, and staff work together to govern the college. Students serve as full voting members on nearly all of the college’s committees including faculty review committees, Academic Affairs Committee (where new courses are proposed and approved), Admission Committee (reviewing admission applications), and the Campus Planning and Building Committee. Throughout the term, most of each Wednesday is set aside for governance activities (and brunch).

All College Meeting

At the weekly All College Meeting (ACM), students, staff, and faculty gather to discuss and make decisions on issues that matter to our community. Here committee decisions are reported and approved (or not), policies are debated and voted upon, and we wrestle together as a community with the tough issues facing colleges everywhere, as well as those that are unique to COA. At the ACM, no agenda item is too large or small: we discuss campus plans, review faculty hires, and learn about the college’s annual budget. Each ACM closes with announcements from students, staff, and faculty. 

Committees of the ACM

Committees of the ACM approve new classes, review internships, plan student activities, evaluate campus plans, and work to keep the college functioning smoothly. Most committees meet weekly, typically on Wednesdays. Their meeting minutes are later reported to the ACM.

Committees: descriptions, meeting times, and locations 

Operating model for ACM

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