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Develop an enterprise as part of your education

COA’s venture incubator, aka the Hatchery, provides eligible students academic credit, professional services and access to seed funding to develop their for- or non-profit business. The Hatchery allows students to walk the entrepreneurial high wire with a safety net and support.

Offering academic credit aligns the entrepreneurial and educational interests of students, allowing them to start enterprises because of their education. This program is unique among liberal arts colleges.

Students selected for the Hatchery receive
  • A ten-week rapid prototype intensive
  • Office space & equipment
  • Business mentors from the MDI and COA communities
  • Personal support services to launch their enterprise
  • The potential of up to $5,000 in seed funding

Our approach

 What makes us different from other incubators and accelerators
  • Hatchery students pursue an enterprise for academic credit
  • Students participate in an interdisciplinary class setting with students from across the campus and around the world
  • Innovation happens at the crossroads with a mix of for- and non-profit ventures across industries and scales

Hatchery news:

  • NEWS
    Student Business Blends Environmentalism and Outdoor Recreation
    A new venture developed within College of the Atlantic’s sustainable business hatchery seeks to merge environmental responsibility with convenience and a love of nature. Beehive Mountain Equipment is starting off with manufacturing eco-friendly, water-resistant, reusable bags, but the sky is the limit for future projects, say the eager trio behind the business.
  • NEWS
    Designing a New Approach to Higher Ed
    Changemaker Residency is the pilot project of an experiential higher education program that aims to empower students from around the world with the tools, skills, and mindsets to create meaningful social change. The Residency was designed by Clément Moliner-Roy ’18 for his College of the Atlantic capstone senior project.
  • NEWS
    A Business Built on Passion
    A passion for more equitable food systems and a love for being in the kitchen fuel College of the Atlantic student Anita van Dam ’18 on her journey with ReProduce, a sustainable business startup she created at COA which is now in the running for a $100,000 prize.