Our fleet of boats ranges from rowing to power, and interested students have numerous opportunities to learn how to safely operate these craft, or grow existing skills. 

M/V Osprey

M/V Osprey in Frenchman Bay

M/V Osprey is our transport for students to Frenchman Bay, our islands, and beyond. She is annually inspected by the Coast Guard for safety and integrity, and she is outfitted with communications and life-saving equipment that allows her to navigate as far as 200 miles from shore. More on Osprey, including charter information »

R/V Borealis

The R/V Borealis works as a marine mammal stranding response boat and data collection platform for Allied Whale . She has also worked to serve our Islands Program  when a smaller boat is adequate and more efficient. 

R/V Laughing Gull

The Laughing Gull is a center console research boat dedicated to student and faculty projects that engage in coastal oceanographic studies. In 2017 she was re-powered and refitted with updated safety and communications equipment. 


Our fleet of rigid inflatable boats consists of console and tiller-drive boats that allow students to practice small boat handling in the bay, or land on offshore islands. It is a great way for crew to get intensive experience on the water. 

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For students interested in sailing we offer several options. Our 46’ sloop, Rebecca, is often used for classes and extended sails, while our Rhodes 19s are great for having fun in the upper bay and teaching. Sailing is taught mainly by our student instructors, and is a great opportunity for students to learn knots and line handling. Advanced sailing skills may be learned through periodic courses, or by special arrangement.

Rebecca off Mount Desert Rock


Dories and skiffs are traditional rowboats common to the coast of Maine. We are glad to offer students a chance to learn the required skills and take a casual row in the harbor.

Peapod at Great Duck Island