Click on the pins below to see some of the resources in and around Mt. Desert Island. Zoom in for a closer view of in-town Bar Harbor and some of the key landmarks within walking distance of the COA campus.

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Student perspectives:

  • Living in and around a national park is nothing short of stunning. With the hills spotted with pink granite and the streams teeming with brook trout, what more could one desire?

    - Nick Ressel
  • Coming from a such a large city like Sao Paulo, coming here was a huge change. I absolutely adore MDI and Bar Harbor specifically. The people are very nice and friendly, and I love being able to bike around without fearing about my safety. 

    - Vitoria Bitencourt
  • i love how the island changes seasonally – how the masses leave when the cold creeps in & envelops the island whole leaving only the hardy souls to bear the manic melting, freezing, & thawing

    - Charlie Mancivalano