Click on the pins below to see some of the resources in and around Mt. Desert Island. Zoom in for a closer view of in-town Bar Harbor and some of the key landmarks within walking distance of the COA campus.

Courses tagged “MDI”:

Student perspectives:

  • Mount Desert Island is a unique place. The trees are constantly changing colours, the park demands exploration, the night sky is always bright, and our little campus is in the center of it all. Bar Harbor is a quaint little town with the cutest dogs, the tastiest seafood, and a lovely sense of community. 

    - Amy Erving
  • i love how the island changes seasonally – how the masses leave when the cold creeps in & envelops the island whole leaving only the hardy souls to bear the manic melting, freezing, & thawing

    - Charlie Mancivalano
  • The coast is beautiful and every site is picture perfect. The community not only within COA but also within the community of Bar Harbor is very inclusive and welcoming. Living here has showed me the importance of community and sustainability. 

    - Destiny Powell