Click on the pins below to see some of the resources in and around Mt. Desert Island. Zoom in for a closer view of in-town Bar Harbor and some of the key landmarks within walking distance of the COA campus.

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Student perspectives:
  • Acadia is literally your backyard, so I highly suggest exploring. Hike, bike, swim, go find out about this amazing national treasure of a place that you get to live and go to school at. Plus I think that the hiking/camping trips every weekend have been essential for me to get a mental recharge that keeps me going with my class work during the week. This is especially true in a year where most activities are limited due to COVID-19.

    Also Jordan Pond Ice Cream in Bar Harbor is definitely worth it :)

    - Thea LaMastra
  • Peaceful winters and zesty springs. 

    - Minu Toos
  • Wild, amazing, crazy cool!

    There is always something to do or new things to find through exploration.

    Scavenging the inter tidal-zone is one of the most fun things MDI has to offer and I also love having the sunrise (and the sound of the ocean) wake me up every morning :)

    - Sarah Stovicek