Start of year and orientation activities

August 22-23: New international students arrive
August 23-25: Mandatory international student orientation
August 26: OOPs (Outdoor Orientation Program) participants arrive
August 27: OOPs trips depart
September 1: OOPs trips return. Non-OOPs students arrive. Registration for campus orientation
September 1-5: On-campus orientation
September 5: Convocation
September 6: Classes begin

Fall term 2018

September 5: Convocation
September 6: Classes begin
September 27-30: Fall Fly-In for prospective students
October 5-6: Board of Trustees meeting
October 5-8: Parent & Family Weekend
October 8-9: Fall Open House for prospective students
October 25-26: Faculty Retreat. No classes.
November 16: Classes end

Winter term 2019

January 6: Residence halls reopen
January 7: Classes begin
January 25-26: Board of Trustees meeting
March 15: Classes end

Spring term 2019

March 31: Residence halls reopen
April 1: Classes begin
April 12-13: Board of Trustees meeting
June 7: Classes end
June 8: Commencement