Career services at College of the Atlantic begins with academic advising as students select courses and design their own area of focus within human ecology. Faculty advisors are well versed in their fields and offer professional connections around the world. Students build academic knowledge and develop skills through coursework and co-curricular campus activities. This teaching approach allows students to begin by:

  • Identifying areas of interest and potential employers
  • Securing internship options through applying and interviews
  • Developing a proposal of learning goals approved by the internship committee
  • Completing internship hours required
  • Submitting an internship report for review that includes new learning and challenges
  • Making a community presentation.

Internships are widely recognized as an important experience for college students that continue to guide them after graduation towards employment and/or graduate school. 

Building off of the students’ internship experience, the career services provides:

Comprehensive career development activities, labor market information, on-campus recruiters, cover letter and resume advice, graduate school guidance and application assistance, relocation contacts, mock interviews, the alumni mentorship program, and one-on-one career counseling (in person or by phone)

  • Internships opportunities are emailed to students for quick turnaround.  A searchable database for jobs is also available
  • Employment search engines for specific fields

In conjunction with the alumni relations staff, the career services office tracks graduates’ employment and continuing education placements and makes this information available to other offices and departments. The office regularly posts career fields and graduate school program areas of graduates, and offers its services to both students and alumni of the college.

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Note: The proposal deadline for SU23 internships has passed.

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