Most college spaces are available for community members to reserve and use during the academic year—pending their availability. Exceptions include administrative offices, the kitchen, the residence halls, and at their discretion, faculty offices. The academic class schedule has priority over other uses.

To reserve space on campus during the school year: 

  1. Check the class schedule and the website calendar to check for obvious space conflicts
  2. Contact the Director of Academic and Administrative Services, Marie Stivers, to see if space is available: ext. 5631.
  3. Student activities or events open to the public should be added to the web calendar. If you need help adding your event, contact Ingrid Hill in student life or the web team.
  4. If a student is planning an event unaffiliated with an organization, they must obtain and fill out a Student Initiated Independent Party Form, to be turned in prior to the event to Sarah Luke for review and approval.
  5. Before finalizing your plans, be sure to contact the appropriate people from the list below, as determined by your event details:
  • For clearance of all publicity: Rob Levin, Director of Communications
  • For use of TAB: Sarah Luke, Dean of Student Life. 
  • Deering Common: To reserve space in Deering Common, click here.
  • For notice of all events that will bring the public on-campus and require parking or space set up: Millard Dority, Director of Campus Planning, Buildings, and Public Safety
  • For use of the library seminar room: Trisha Cantwell-Keene, Associate Director of the Library
  • For audio-visual needs: Zach Soares, Audio Visual Technology Specialist

Community members should be considerate of others’ needs and be careful to maintain the spaces in good condition.

To reserve space on campus during the summer:

Contact the Summer Programs Office.